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Each level of the restored block has been turned into a suite designed for a complete home experience. The expansive and airy open verandas around the living quarters on both floors offer the opportunity to laze with a book, be immersed in music or in quiet meditation. 
The silence is broken only by an occasional bird whistle, a squeaking squirrel or a mooing cow. 

The bedrooms, with 2 ft. thick soundproofed walls built in 1865, are slumber niches. Once snuggled in , it is often a challenge to get out of them. The living spaces within each block transforms into a library, work studio or a private lounge bar as you choose. The open courtyard with its lily pond and landscaped surroundings could be your personal yoga sanctuary. Each level has its own climate-controlled bedroom, living space, verandas and en-suite bathroom.

Standard Occupancy – 4 adults: 2 adults in each level. Additional occupancy for children under 12 years on request.

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