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At Nirvriti, we strive to assist businesses that support and respect women in every aspect of their career and financial independence. Our goal is to establish a platform that enables these businesses to acquire visibility on their products and personal entrepreneurial journeys and build a community that works for the empowerment of women. 

The businesses that we collaborate with hand craft and curate artisanal pieces for personal use and gifting across a range of products from ready to wear clothes, bath linen, home furnishings and accessories to gourmet food like handmade pasta, seasonal fruit cakes, spices, coffee and tea from select plantations and a lot more. The unique pieces and products curated and crafted by our gifted artisans are truly what makes our store exceptional. 

Women, we believe, are harbingers of hope for a better world and every approach taken by our store will solely be for the purpose of empowering, supporting and championing the women we are collaborating with.

They are in every way, women of power, ambition and substance.


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