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The holiday experience here can embrace every personality and need and is ideal for those seeking personal time for self- development such as reading, contemplation, yoga and meditation. It also lends itself to the curious and outgoing who seek to explore and understand a new place, its people and culture. Either way you are enriched by your time at Nirvriti. The hosts recommend a minimum stay of 3 Nights - 4 Days with them to be able to experience the unique charms of Nirvriti, from ambience to food and activities.

Dining is central to the Nirvriti experience. The cuisine will consist of delicious home cooked meals of very high quality that uses the best ingredients sourced locally and from other reliable sources. The menus and cooking styles are intrinsic to the Nirvriti experience. For the conscious eater it will include fresh salads, fruits and juices, along with steamed, grilled, baked and poached preparations. An exciting range of rich dishes and desserts await those who are inclined to some happy indulgence on the other end. Importance will be given to use of organic and naturally grown produce as much as possible. Fresh cream, most of the cheese, butter, ghee and coconut oil are all home-made, as will be a great variety of breads. Fresh vegetables and herbs will come from our garden and from local suppliers. Farm grown meat from a known farm in Kanjirapally, Kottayam and fresh catches of fish from the sea food markets of Thrissur and Kochi are used in most of the non-vegetarian fare.

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