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Restoring the house to its original state of glory was the primary objective for both Ria and Joseph. To accomplish this challenging task ,they identified and commissioned Anita Chauduri and Vinod Cyriac , principal architects and owners of Space Art. This husband-wife duo are known for a design outlook and aesthetic guided by sound environmental principles and a marked respect for heritage. Beginning in 2016 they set about painstakingly restoring the main block of the house to its present state of appeal and splendour. Most of the original materials from the house (particularly the wood) were completely retained while new elements were integrated to create a new avatar that, though born in the past, belonged equally to the present.

With the restoration of the main building complete, Ria and Joseph set about to build the adjacent block - with its courtyard, living, dining and kitchen areas - that would become their personal habitat. It was important that this block be equipped in every way to meet the operational needs of the facility, yet be in harmony with the old-world character of the restored main block that would eventually house our guests. The Centre for Vernacular Architecture Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka under Khalid Rahman, its founder trustee and principal architect, undertook this demanding assignment. Through thoughtful design integration they have created a spectacular home for Ria and Joseph with an identity that is as fitting as it is distinctive. 

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