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Culture & History
For culture & history buffs


Start the day with the ritual coffee/tea, early morning walk, yoga/ meditation or light workouts before breakfast. Thereafter you can set out to experience any one of these pre-arranged activities that will introduce you to the glorious traditions of this region.

1. The historical town of Chittur
2. The Agraharam enclave at Tathamangalam
3. The handloom weaving community at Thenari
4. Lunch at a reputed small eatery run by a genial old man (Appetan) renowned for his single item menu of rice and chicken curry.

Take a small siesta on your return, followed by late afternoon Coffee/Tea / snacks.  An evening walk or some Yoga/meditation before dinner will ease you up. Dinners are served early followed by a digestif or pousse-café’ to seal another wonderful day at Nirvriti. 

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