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Private dining and social gatherings at Nirvriti

This is for people who want to host small, intimate gatherings to mark occasions like anniversaries, remembrances, birthdays, christenings, farewells and other family events. It does not include overnight stay and only available when there are no guests staying with us. Enquiries have to be made and confirmed at least 10 days in advance for these special events. It could be for lunch or dinner for up to a max of 12 -15 pax. Service will include both sit downs (3-5-7 course meals) or buffet/barbecue to suit diners needs.

Dining is central to the Nirvriti experience. The cuisine will consist of delicious home cooked meals of very high quality that uses the best ingredients sourced locally and from other reliable sources. Priority is given to organic and naturally grown produce as much as possible. Importance will be given to seasonal fare and preparations as part of the experience. 


The menus and cooking styles are intrinsic to the Nirvriti experience and considers all needs. For the conscious eater they include fresh salads, fruits and juices, along with steamed, grilled, baked and poached preparations. An exciting range of rich dishes and desserts await those who are inclined to some happy indulgence on the other end. The menu can be personalized to meet specific guest tastes and requirements.

Fresh cream, most of the cheese, butter, ghee and coconut oil are all home-made, as will be a great variety of breads. Fresh vegetables and herbs will come from our garden and from local suppliers. Farm grown meat from a known farm in Kanjirapally, Kottayam and fresh catches of fish from the sea food markets of Thrissur and Kochi are used in most of the non-vegetarian fare. You will come to love the coffees here for their flavor and presence. The filter coffee powders used are unique blends from Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu blended specially by Krishna coffee, a local roastery and Sidhapur coffee from Coorg in Karnataka, renowned among coffee lovers of all stripes.


In Kerala no conversation about food is complete without the mention of spices. After all spices have played a stellar role in the state’s history and evolution. Pepper, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, green chilies etc. come from our own farm and other family-owned farms known for good cultivation practices.

Likewise, a variety of seasonal tropical fruits - Mangoes, Bananas, Papaya, Chickoo, Bulls’ heart, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Jamun, Lime, Lemon, Guava, Pomegranate, Gooseberry and more are procured from our garden, local farms and other known sources for our table. Honey is obtained from the wild near our coffee plantations in the local mountains where it is harvested by people who have been doing this traditionally. Rice is the staple of southern India and is central to its cuisine. Nutritious locally grown varieties as well as others like the famed Indian basmati are used for the rice preparations. 


Lunch will start at 11 AM with an aperitif and end with post lunch Coffee/Tea at 4 PM.  Service closes at 5 PM. Guests are welcome to use the house facilities to relax and freshen up during the time they spend (about 6 Hours) at Nirvriti.




Dinner will start at 6 PM with welcome drinks and light bites. The main courses will be served from 7:30 PM followed by desserts and digestifs. Service closes at 10:30 PM. Guests are free to use the house facilities to relax and freshen up during the session.

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